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Social Strategy and Design

Above all else, I'm a social media nerd. Whether you need to start from the ground up or revitalize accounts that have fallen to the wayside, I'm your gal to rock killer social strategies. Also, video content is so important these days when it comes to social — lucky for you I went to school for that.


Podcast Production

Really want to start a podcast, but don't know where to start? Mally Creative produces the podcast Movie Lovers — meaning, I do it all from recording to editing to RSS management to promoting. I can help you create a business plan or I can literally do any piece of production for you.


Email Marketing

Need to reach that ever-growing list of customers and subscribers? I’m well versed in Microsoft 365 Dynamics, Wordfly, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Wix ShoutOuts and more. With my combo of copywriting skills, software experience and design savvy, you're set up for success.


Website Design

Really want to take your brand to the next level? Having a professional website is a must. As a member of the Wix Partner Program, I design sites in Wix, allowing for beautiful and modern layouts, mobile responsive designs, and easy upkeep down the line.


Promotional Design

One of my favorite things to design is promotional materials. Whether its band t-shirts, custom notebooks for a company, or humongous banners that take up the entire side of a building — I've got the specs down, the artwork on lock and I'll establish direct communication with your vendor.


Voiceover Work

I’m a theatrically trained voice actor with a Bachelor of Science in Radio/TV/Film and Theatre Arts Minor. I also co-host a podcast about movies. I am available for any of your voiceover needs, from promo videos to radio spots. Take a peek at my portfolio by clicking the red star icon above.


Graphic Design

Need something designed on the fly? I have tons of experience designing for both print and digital. I've done it all — playbills, posters, booklets, brochures, rack cards, business cards, postcards — YOU NAME IT! Just provide me with the specs and I'll whip it up in a jiffy!


There’s nothing like a first impression. Lemme guess — you have all your resume information, but aren't sure how to make it pop and it stand out from the crowd? Thats where I come in. You can take a peek at my resume designing skills by clicking the black star icon above.


Brand Identity (Logo Design)

Your brand identity encompasses your company or organization's entire vibe. From your logo to your color palette to your fonts — every single piece communicates something important about who you are. Whether you're starting from scratch or re-vamping what you have, I've got your back.

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