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social media services

Social media management can be a full time job all on it's own! Especially without support. What Mally Creative offers is a comprehensive monthly package to get your ideas off the ground, design custom creative, and improve your online voice. We can customize this package to suit your needs, but check out the services I offer below to get your social media strategy on track.


Whether you're hands-on or hands-off, we can build a workflow that works into your schedule to decipher the weekly/bi-weekly/monthly strategy of your business. Let me know what key points you'd like to hit in the long term and short term, and I'll put together a strategy to achieve those goals. 

custom creative

The social media universe is a visual one, and I know how time consuming it can be trying to source visual content from around the web and work it into something that fits your brand and voice. What Mally Creative brings to the table is a solid decade of graphic design experience and social media savvy. I'll design custom creative specific to each social platform's dimension requirements — optimizing the space you're given. In addition to custom creative, I'm a whiz at aggregating content from the web, whether its relevant YouTube videos, spunky gifs, or thought-provoking articles. 


Maybe you already have experience scheduling posts in advance using platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer. That's awesome! Mally Creative uses the innovative software CoSchedule to not only schedule all your posts in advance, but also to analyze your social impact, which we'll touch on below. At whichever time increments we decide on, I'll export your social schedule, complete with creative, posting time and respective copy — for your approval and reference. Gone are the days of agonizing over "when should I post?" — Mally Creative will do the insider research to decipher the highest traffic times to share your valuable content.

app management

Does your business utilize any apps that have marketing potential you haven’t had time to tap into? There are so many wonderful app resources out there to get your business in the public eye — apps like Open Table for restaurants, Untappd for bars and breweries, Trip Advisor for tourism, Houzz for real estate, Bandsintown for touring musicians and so many more! You name the industry and there are a dozen apps your business could be utilizing to reach more of an audience. Mally Creative can delve into these apps and find the best ways for you to be using them to your advantage.


Not sure all this fuss over social media is worth it? That's where the analytics come into play. Based on what information you find most important (increased followers, a certain amount of post engagement, clicks to your website, etc.) Mally Creative can report your progress week to week, or at whichever increment you prefer. See the reach you're achieving as it happens.

But maybe you're not so focused on solely how your content is doing, but how its doing in comparison to your competitors. Perfect! I can provide regular competitive analysis of both you and your competitors — down to which of their posts are getting the most attention. 

reputation management

Social media isn't always a realm of total and complete positivity, as I'm sure you've experienced. A big component of social media is customer service. And just like in-person customer service, sometimes you have to deal with a little bit of negativity. Instead of you or someone within your business taking these comments personally, Mally Creative will step in with a cool head and calm response. 90% of the time people just want to know that their comments are being heard, and a simple "Hi Joe, thanks for reaching out. We're sorry for your negative experience — that's never what we want to hear! Your comments will be passed along to management ASAP."

Additionally, if your business or organization gets the same questions over and over again, Mally Creative will aggregate a spreadsheet of "prepared responses" to respond with. Your customers will always be met with a polite demeanor and within your brand voice. And if a situation escalates to a point where management needs to be taken into the fold, I'll reach out to you immediately — saving you from having to be glued to your business social accounts away from the office.


Whether its boosting a Facebook post or writing SEO-optimized ad copy, Mally Creative has experience putting advertising dollars behind your content. While advertising isn’t a staple service that is offered with every social media package, it is an option available to you should any of your messaging need that extra push. At Mally Creative, we believe in using social media as a community-building tool, as opposed to just another billboard on the side of the road to throw money at. If you’re seeking someone to simply increase your likes, you’re better off with a more corporate marketing agency. But if you’re looking to create quality, relevant content that needs a boost from time to time, then look no further.

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