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website package pricing

Website packages at Mally Creative operate on a sliding scale according to site size and complexity. Factors taken into account when determining a site estimate include amount of pages, volume of multimedia elements, graphic design demands, level of content creation, speed of production timeline, and of course — your budget. Each situation and project is unique and pricing may vary.


$1,500 — $1,800

  • Simple site design

  • 1-4 pages total

  • Minimal graphic design requirements

  • No portfolio or online store functionality


$1,900 — $2,300

  • 15-10 pages total

  • May include portfolio functionality and features intermediate volume of media and design

  • A single 3rd party integration


$2,400 — $4,000+

  • 10+ pages (price can fluctuate quite a bit based on volume of pages)

  • May include portfolio and/or online store

  • Multiple 3rd party integrations

  • Heavy multimedia elements and graphic design

The above specifications are by no means hard-fast rules for pricing. Each web design project is unique with its own set of challenges and requirements. It is Mally Creative’s goal to find a price that meets your budget.


Mally Creative is a Wix partner.

At Mally Creative, we believe in giving you all the tools you need to succeed. We’ve joined forces with Wix, utilizing their Partner Program to expand the capabilities and access to resources Mally Creative can provide you with. In addition to Mally Creative’s website design rates, you can host your site under the Mally Creative umbrella for additional perks! Please ask about the array of services available to you by having Mally Creative host your site, such as email marketing and customer relations solutions — all of which Mally Creative can manage and optimize for you.

It is our preference to design in Wix, but we are more than happy to accommodate your needs within Squarespace as well.

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